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What is V-DAC? How it Works – With tools and counsel provided by V-DAC, a Non-Profit registers with V-DAC and then informs its supporters of the Program. Then, either through the on-line Wizard or using the 800-number, donors donate their vehicles to a Central Charity, designating the Non-Profit they chose as the beneficiary of their donation. A vehicle remarketing company collects the required information and documents and then supervises the pick-up, sale and title transfer of the vehicle and provides tax forms to the donors. It subtracts its costs and delivers the Net Proceeds to the Central Charity. The Central Charity receives a funds handling fee, pays a management fee to V-DAC and then disburses the remainder to the Non-Profit, along with an accounting of the donor, sale, costs and donation details. The Central Charity reports the costs of converting the car into cash as its own “fund raising costs”. V-DAC handles all supporter questions, tax issues and non-profit assistance. Friends Against Abuse is a registered non-profit with V-DAC. Click the picture below to find out more.

Vehicle Donation




Donate your used or unwanted cell phones! Drop them off at our office at: 407 4th St. International Falls, MN






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